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How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

Inflation in Argentina is terrible. Ever since the government allowed the peso to devalue on January 24, prices have risen dramatically. Even those who have dollars cannot keep up as the blue rate has not kept pace with inflation. Argentina is well on its way to hyperinflation.

Living here, we see price increases on a daily basis, but one of the most striking examples we have seen recently comes from our favorite sushi delivery place – Oi Sushi (really good sushi in Buenos Aires is hard to find). Take a look at their menu from February 2014:

Oi Sushi Menu February 2014

And now the menu we just got in March 2014:

Oi Sushi Menu March 2014

Yes, as expected prices are higher – from 9% to a whopping 34% more!

What’s most interesting though is that they decided not to print prices on their new menu – every price is filled in by hand. That’s a lot of extra effort, but saves on the cost of printing a new menu every month. That’s crazy!


Fish & Chips Come to Buenos Aires

Fish & Chips in Buenos AiresBritish expats rejoice! Buenos Aires’ first fish & chips restaurant, Chipper, has just opened in Palermo Hollywood.

Chipper promises traditional fish and chips with a gourmet twist, including fried fish, salmon, calamari, salads, burgers and of course chips – cheese chips, curry chips, garlic chips and more. You can check out their menu here.

I haven’t made it yet, but initial reports are quite promising! A few friends have gone and thought it was authentic and a welcome change in BA. Let us know if you’ve been in the comments and what you thought.


Buenos Aires News: Edition 5

Fires Burn Over 1,200 Acres In Argentina [LAHT]
A state of emergency has been declared in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego province, where more than 500 hectares (1,234 acres) of forest have been scorched by several fires, forcing the evacuation of dozens of people, officials said Sunday.

Argentine automakers to sell at cost, protect jobs [Reuters]
Argentine automakers will sell basic models at cost through state-subsidized loans in a plan to protect jobs in Latin America’s third-biggest economy from the global economic slowdown. Local plants of Renault SA, General Motors, Peugeot, Ford Motor Co. and other automakers will participate in the government’s plan to protect 150,000 auto industry jobs and to keep production from falling steeply next year.  Now this is an interesting idea!

Argentine Unions Want Floor for Peso Devaluation [Bloomberg]
Argentina’s union leaders want the government to put a limit on the peso’s devaluation, claiming that a softer currency will fuel inflation and undermine workers’ buying power.

Madge blows $1 million in hotel bill [The Times of India]
Madonna reportedly shelled out a million dollars on the Four Seasons hotel in Buenos Aires after she and her crew checked out from its posh premises. The megastar blew an alleged 9,000 dollars per night to stay at the hotel’s private mansion while her 200 backing dancers, singers, make-up artists, choreographers, managers and security checked into another 110 rooms – costing at least 600 dollars each.  Now, I know where at least part of my ticket money went!

Argentina Gun Swap Wildly Successful [IPS]
As a disarmament campaign launched 17 months ago in Argentina nears its end, the government and civil society groups involved in the initiative announced that it has far exceeded even the most optimistic projections, despite the lack of publicity.  The Interior Ministry reported that the programme, in which people voluntarily swap their firearms for cash, has so far collected over 102,000 guns and 721,000 munitions, all of which were destroyed.

Why Have So Many Restaurants Closed in Buenos Aires?  (english version) [La Nacion]
An interesting read, about the closure and pending closures of almost 300 restaurants in Buenos Aires due to the economic crisis. Many of these restaurants had relied on the tourist market and thus increased prices so significantly that they lost the locals. It will be intersting to see if the new visa tax that goes into effect on January 1 will cause a further decline in tourism and what the fallout will be.


The Week(s) in Review

Unfortunately, work has once again taken over a major part of our lives for the past few weeks, so we’ve been a bit slow on posting any new updates.  I’ve got a few drafts started, but they’ve been on hold while we try and juggle these other projects and Spanish classes.  Let me tell you, running a blog takes a lot of work and unfortunately, for most people, it doesn’t pay the bills either.

So, here’s a quick update on some of the more interesting things we’ve been able to do recently:

  • Mersal finished building and programming the web site for the South American Music Conference (SAMC). They host conferences and electronic music festivals across South America. The Buenos Aires SAMC is in March 2009.
  • I’ve been busy gearng up for New Year’s Eve, our busiest time of the year.
  • We’ve been able to check out some great new restaurants:
    • We met up with Eddie and his wife when they were in town and got to check out some great restaurants: Sucre, Osaka, and Las Nazarenas (amazing bife de chorizo).
    • We went to La Cabrera, a steak house that everyone talks about – and for good reason! For $54 pesos (about $16) had a steak bigger than the two of us could finish along with a great assortment of 12 small side dishes. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.
    • We’ve now gone to Osaka twice and have another reservation this week. It’s the best sushi in Buenos Aires!
  • I started taking horseback riding lessons with a friend-of-a-friend in Buenos Aires. It’s a lot more work than it seems like and the saddles are not like western saddles, so they take some getting used to. If you’re looking for a great instructor, let me know. I’ve already referred two other people to him.
  • We went to the election night party at Sugar bar with hundreds of other expats to watch Barak Obama’s victory. (Well, ok, we actually didn’t make it that late, but we found out in the morning.)
  • We went to Creamfields Buenos Aires, a 50,000+ person electronic music festival last weekend. It was a great time, but I wish I could remember more of it!
  • We took advantage of the 90 degree weather we’ve been having here and cooked an asado on our roof patio.

Hopefully, we’ll do better at updating the blog, but it might be a few weeks as we’re off to Patagonia (Calafate and Ushuaia) next week with my brother and his girlfriend! It’s a surprise, so don’t tell them!

Here’s some photos too!