How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

Inflation in Argentina is terrible. Ever since the government allowed the peso to devalue on January 24, prices have risen dramatically. Even those who have dollars cannot keep up as the blue rate has not kept pace with inflation. Argentina is well on its way to hyperinflation. Living here, we see price increases on a … Read more

Fish & Chips Come to Buenos Aires

British expats rejoice! Buenos Aires’ first fish & chips restaurant, Chipper, has just opened in Palermo Hollywood. Chipper promises traditional fish and chips with a gourmet twist, including fried fish, salmon, calamari, salads, burgers and of course chips – cheese chips, curry chips, garlic chips and more. You can check out their menu here. I … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 5

Fires Burn Over 1,200 Acres In Argentina [LAHT] A state of emergency has been declared in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego province, where more than 500 hectares (1,234 acres) of forest have been scorched by several fires, forcing the evacuation of dozens of people, officials said Sunday. Argentine automakers to sell at cost, protect jobs [Reuters] … Read more

The Week(s) in Review

Unfortunately, work has once again taken over a major part of our lives for the past few weeks, so we’ve been a bit slow on posting any new updates.  I’ve got a few drafts started, but they’ve been on hold while we try and juggle these other projects and Spanish classes.  Let me tell you, running … Read more

Random Observations: Week 2

Welcome to the second part in my series. 🙂 Remember, some of these may be huge generalizations, but that’s ok. Random Observations: Week 2 There is no sugar free Red Bull in the country. This was one of my favorite drinks with vodka in the US. There are (almost) no obese people in Argentina. There … Read more