Ice Cream Inflation…and How to Beat It

I truly believe Argentina has some of the best ice cream in the world. Unfortunately, Argentina also has inflation of around 30%. What does this mean for ice cream? Well, a kilo of Freddo ice cream has jumped 119% since 2011! (If you happen to have USD you’re lucky as the price has decreased almost … Read more

Health Care Costs in Argentina

While public health care in Argentina is free, most people who can afford it choose to go with private healthcare plans. Under private insurance, there is a much wider range of doctors and specialists available and less of a wait for services. Private health care costs vary widely based on age, family size, plan options, … Read more

How Bad Is Inflation In Argentina?

Inflation in Argentina is terrible. Ever since the government allowed the peso to devalue on January 24, prices have risen dramatically. Even those who have dollars cannot keep up as the blue rate has not kept pace with inflation. Argentina is well on its way to hyperinflation. Living here, we see price increases on a … Read more

Now We’re Locking Up The Tuna?

Following up on yesterday’s wildly popular “Time To Lock Up The Cheese” comes today’s “Now We’re Locking Up The Tuna?” Inflation is killing this country.   Pretty soon you’ll need to leave a deposit before you even enter the supermarket and have to go through a full body scanner on the way out. – Hat … Read more

Time To Lock Up The Cheese

File this one under “Only in Argentina.” Looks like with all the inflation in Buenos Aires, shredded cheese (queso rallado) has hit $70 pesos a bag and this grocery store is worried about it being stolen – bags of shredded cheese have had security tags installed on them. I’m not quite sure what’s to prevent … Read more

Inflation and “Deflation” in Buenos Aires

Our friend Martin Frankel from Areatres posted two menus on Facebook that showed the prices of the same restaurant from Summer 2007 to Summer 2013. In 6 years you can see exactly how crazy the inflation in Argentina has been – a roasted chicken went up a whopping 445%, a liter of beer went up … Read more