Why it sucks to be a gadgetphile in Buenos Aires

Yet another reminder of why it sucks to be a gadgetphile in Argentina… This was a “great deal” on a 42″ flat screen in Argentina last week: This was a “great deal” on a 42″ flat screen in the United States last week: And to rub salt in the wound, The Atlantic Cities also points … Read more

2 Peso Coin Coming to Argentina

Starting on Monday, December 12, 2011, a new $2 peso coin will begin circulation in Argentina. The current $2 peso notes will still be used as well.

Looks like the government is getting ready for more inflation though there is still no word on when $200 and $500 peso bills will be introduced.

Las nuevas monedas de 2 pesos circularán desde el lunes [La Nacion]

Big Mac not on McDonalds menu in Argentina?

In Argentina, the Big Mac is an “off menu” item. Rumors have it that the government has asked McDonalds to keep the price of the Big Mac artificially low in order to hide the true inflation here, which is reported in the Economist’s Big Mac Index.

Buenos Aires News: Edition 8

Sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve been travelling a lot recently.  We’ll be trying to get back to some more regular postings soon! For now, here’s some news… Tourism Declines Again In November [The Argentine Post] The Argentine Post is reporting that the number of people visiting Argentina declined for the second consecutive … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 5

Fires Burn Over 1,200 Acres In Argentina [LAHT] A state of emergency has been declared in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego province, where more than 500 hectares (1,234 acres) of forest have been scorched by several fires, forcing the evacuation of dozens of people, officials said Sunday. Argentine automakers to sell at cost, protect jobs [Reuters] … Read more

Buenos Aires More Expensive for Foreigners

Merco Press reported yesterday that Buenos Aires is more expensive than last year, due to inflation estimated at between 10 to 20 percent and to the drop in the dollar’s value.  Luckily, it still ranks among the cheapest cities in the world for foreigners, though it may not be the value that it once was. The Argentine … Read more

Big Mac: More Expensive in Argentina Than in the U.S.

The Argentine Post has an interesting story discussing The Economist’s Big Mac Index which compares prices on McDonald’s Big Mac across the world as a way to measure purchasing power. As they explain: …The average cost of a Big Mac in Argentina now totals U.S. $3.64, compared with $3.57 in the U.S., according to the … Read more