Buenos Aires News: Edition 13

Gay marriage is now legal in Buenos Aires after President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner signed the bill into law last week.  Perhaps the best headline I saw about this was, “Argentina approves gay divorce.” 🙂 Here’s what else is making news over the past week: Argentine Peso Gets Lift From Record Soy Harvest as Volatility … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 12

The biggest news by far in the past week is that Argentina has approved gay marriage, making it the first country in Latin America to do so. The bill was passed by the senate after much debate and opposition by the Catholic church in the country. It is expected to be signed into law shortly. … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 11

Argentina winning its group in the World Cup and advancing to the Round of 16 has been the biggest local news this week.  And of course Landon Donovan’s amazing goal for the USA which put them into the final sixteen as well, but hey, this is a Buenos Aires blog. (Still, this game was amazing!) … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 10

As one may expect, there was a lot of World Cup related news this week. However, there was also a lot of other interesting Buenos Aires news, so I have quite a list today. And remember, you can follow Buenos Aires Life on Twitter to get instant access to BA-related news and happenings. Argentina nabs … Read more