The Vulture Capitalists Plan to Smear Argentina

There’s a good amount of well-deserved negative press regarding Argentina’s failed economic policies and its world standing after defaulting on its debt obligations in 2001. In fact, most people in Argentina are just waiting for the next financial meltdown to happen here. (Argentines say to expect one at least every 10 years, so this one … Read more

Tourist Shot On Florida Street

Yesterday, an American tourist was shot during a robbery attempt on Florida Street in Buenos Aires. Florida Street is well known as one of the major pedestrian thoroughfares in the city, and is also famous for the many “cuevas” (caves) – one of the few places to change dollars for pesos and vice-versa after the government’s restriction … Read more

New Order Announce Buenos Aires Concert Date

After selling out their London concert in 15 minutes, New Order just announced three South American dates for their reunion tour, including a December 1 stop in Buenos Aires. The band will play a 9pm show at Estadio Obras on Libertador and tickets are on sale now at LivePass and various ticket outlets. Prices for … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 14

Here’s some of our favorite Buenos Aires blog posts, news and updates from the last week: Argentina Approves Nationwide Smoking Ban [The Argentine Post] Argentina passed a law on Wednesday that bans smoking in indoor work spaces, schools, hospitals, museums, clubs and public transportation systems. It also places strict limits on the sale, advertising and … Read more