Buenos Aires News: Edition 11

Argentina winning its group in the World Cup and advancing to the Round of 16 has been the biggest local news this week.  And of course Landon Donovan’s amazing goal for the USA which put them into the final sixteen as well, but hey, this is a Buenos Aires blog. (Still, this game was amazing!) So, here’s some interesting news this week:

Pepsi To Go Naked If Argentina Wins The World Cup [AdAge]
In a brilliant bit of marketing, Pepsi has announced that it too will “go naked” as Argentine coach Diego Maradona promised, if Argentina wins the World Cup. Pepsi announced that the company’s soft drink bottles will be sold for a week in Argentina with no label if that country wins the soccer tournament.

Is it madness to love Diego Maradona? [MailOnline]
He bounces up and down on the touchline with that silver beard and bottle-black hair… Wild-eyed with rage and waving imaginary cards in one moment, kissing and hugging his players in happy tears the next, the madness of Diego Maradona is there for all to see… But there’s no taking your eyes off him. And the craziest thing of all is that it actually seems to be working.

These walls can speak [Sydney Morning Herald]
If you believe everything you read, Buenos Aires is a city of sexy, pouting Latinos who dance the tango on every street corner, eat steak morning and night and are born with a football attached to their toes. I’m hoping to experience something far from the cliches and sign up for a Graffiti Mundo tour to explore the street art of the city’s northern suburbs.

Argentine rights leader defends DNA database [AP]
Argentina’s leading newspaper publisher must pay the consequences if genetic tests show the children she adopted three decades ago were stolen from prisoners of the dictatorship, a leading human rights activist says.

Fernandez ‘Unpredictability’ Repels Investors After Argentina’s Debt Swap [Bloomberg]
Argentina may fail to revive interest from companies even after concluding an $18.3 billion debt restructuring offer. The government lacks “prudent and predictable” policies…

Remodeling Project of La Bombonera Stadium Buenos Aires [GreatFI]
I haven’t seen this article anywhere else, but it states that the Boca Juniors football club plans to renovate its stadium in advance of the Argentina Copa America 2011. The pictures look impressive.

Amnesty International Expresses Concern over Women’s Rights in Argentina [The Argentimes]
Expressing concern over the death of Miriam Flores, a migrant worker from Paraguay, Amnesty International Argentina announced in a press release its continued support of the enforcement of Law 26.485, and demanded that President Christina Fernández “assume as a priority the situation of violence against women” in Argentina.