My name’s Dave and I’m a New York City transplant who decided to make a lifestyle change and move to Buenos Aires for a year or two. (UPDATE: now relatively-permanent! My wife is Argentine and our daughter and son have dual-nationalities.) My goal was to really experience a new culture and lifestyle, learn Spanish, explore South America and meet new people. So far, the move has been everything I expected and more.

I was born in Michigan and moved to New York immediately after college. I loved NYC, but realized that the city can really burn you out.  So, I sold/donated most of my belongings, took advantage of some savings and the fact that a lot of my work could be done over the Internet, and decided to make a change.  This blog details my new experiences for friends, family and anyone else who may be interested.  Hopefully it proves useful to you!

Feel free to ask me any questions.  You can also follow us on Twitter as well!