Tourist Shot On Florida Street

Yesterday, an American tourist was shot during a robbery attempt on Florida Street in Buenos Aires. Florida Street is well known as one of the major pedestrian thoroughfares in the city, and is also famous for the many “cuevas” (caves) – one of the few places to change dollars for pesos and vice-versa after the government’s restriction on obtaining dollars. These cuevas are technically illegal but have been seen as relatively low-risk place to get the best rate for your dollars.

That may now be over. The two American tourists had follows a man off the street in order to sell dollars and walked into a robbery. When they resisted a scuffle ensued and one of the Americans was shot in the buttocks. He and his partner are recovering in a Buenos Aires hospital. The two thieves were caught by the police after sustaining injuries while jumping from a first floor balcony.

Balearon a un turista en un edificio de la calle Florida [La Nacion] (Spanish)
Balearon a un turista en una galería de la peatonal Florida [Clarin] (Spanish)