Buenos Aires News: Edition 14

Here’s some of our favorite Buenos Aires blog posts, news and updates from the last week:

Argentina Approves Nationwide Smoking Ban [The Argentine Post]
Argentina passed a law on Wednesday that bans smoking in indoor work spaces, schools, hospitals, museums, clubs and public transportation systems. It also places strict limits on the sale, advertising and promotion of cigarettes in these and other places while forcing tobacco companies to put warning labels on cigarette packages. All I can say is thank god!

La Crespo: A Jewish American Palermonite’s Heaven [Pick up the Fork]
Good bagels and pastrami in Buenos Aires? I’m looking forward to trying this place out, though I doubt they have true dill pickles (one of the few things I have yet to find in Buenos Aires).

A Constant Feeling of Crisis [Inc]
This article has been forwarded quite a bit amongst the expats here who can relate to many of the themes that Inc magazine picks up on regarding doing business in Argentina. From their sub-heading: “Think the U.S. economy feels shaky? Try doing business in Argentina, where corruption is the norm, regulations are absurd, inflation is rampant, and financial crises are a dime a dozen (11 cents next month).”

P.F. Chang’s Coming to Argentina [InvestBA]
Ok, so they’re not actually coming until 2013, but  does anyone doubt that they’ll do well here? I’ll be looking forward to some chicken and lettuce wraps.

Argentine Match Suspended After Policeman Shot [MSNBC]
Proving once again that Argentine soccer can be dangerous for more than just the players.

Buenos Aires restaurants to remove salt shakers from tables [Global Post]
In an effort to reduce hypertension and Argentine’s excessive salt intake, the Ministry of Health and the food service industry have agreed to remove salt shakers from the tables. Diners will be required to ask for them if they want to add more salt to their food.