Bureaucracy in Argentina

This video pretty much sums up many of our experiences dealing with Argentine bureaucracy (even though the video is from Spain). I cannot begin to tell you how many trips it takes to get anything done here – usually because some little piece of paperwork is missing.

Here’s some recent examples:
  • It took us 7 trips to the motor vehicles office in order to trade in our car
  • After supposedly getting my DNI within 45 days, I was called back down to the immigration offices because they had misplaced my fingerprints and photos. When I got there (not close, by the way), they told me that they had everything and didn’t need me. They said my DNI would be there within two weeks. Two weeks later, and no DNI, I found out they really were missing my photos and fingerprints and needed me to go again!
  • Getting our marriage license took no less than four trips downtown to present all the paperwork
This is one of the disadvantages of giving up that tourist visa for a more full-time experience here!
– Thanks to Madeline for passing on this video.