Random Observations

When I started this blog, a lot of my initial posts were focused on all the differences I experienced in Buenos Aires vs living in the States for my whole life. Well, after 2+ years and now making this my semi-permanent home, these little differences have pretty much disappeared as I settled in from being a tourist to just living my daily life.

I found it funny then that I found this old unpublished blog post from my earlier days in Buenos Aires. It was a list of my random observations that I had planned to publish as a weekly post. Looking them over definitely took me back to an earlier time of exploration in the city. Anyhow, maybe you’ll find them interesting too…

  • In the U.S., when you buy a larger size of something, you can expect to pay less for the same quantity, than the smaller sized option of the same product.  Not so in Argentina.  When we’re in the stores, many of the larger size products cost more per kg or more per liter than the smaller version. Why is that?
  • 98% of the taxis here will have a rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror.
  • Buenos Aires is the place where all the 80s and 90s music comes to die.  Seriously, they love 80s music here!  It is on the radio all the time.
  • No one eats on the run.

Yep, still true to this day, but not something I would even think twice about anymore. When we head back to the States later this summer I wonder what things I will find strange there…