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Buenos Aires News: Edition 6

20% Of Kids Say It’s Ok To Pay Bribes [Argentine Post]
The Argentine Post has an interesting summary of a survey by the Argentine education ministry conducted on public school students aged 11-15.  20% of the students surveyed say it’s sometimes or always ok to pay a bribe while 30% say it’s ok to avoid paying taxes. Check out the article for other interesting details.

Argentina Strikes Give Travelers Holiday Headache [Bloomberg]
Subway workers in Argentina walked off their jobs today, disrupting travel for as many as one million commuters as employee demands for increased pay and job security disrupt banks, taxi service and the holiday season. Gas station owners and about 140,000 bank workers plan to stop work next week. Cab drivers are threatening to stay off the roads Dec. 24 and 25, when many residents will try to shuttle between holiday parties.

Human remains found in Argentine detention center [Associated Press]
Inside a once-secret detention center where political dissidents were tortured and killed during Argentina’s dictatorship 25 years ago, forensic anthropologists have discovered a pit containing 10,000 bone fragments.  The first discovery of human remains inside a detention center confirms the testimonies of hundreds of survivors who have said for years that authorities tortured, killed and burned the bodies of political opponents, they said Tuesday…

Argentine lower house passes questioned tax breaks [Reuters]
Argentina’s lower house passed early on Thursday a package of tax breaks that the administration hopes will stimulate the economy but critics say could encourage money laundering instead.The law includes huge tax cuts on undeclared offshore funds that are repatriated, tax incentives for companies that put under-the-table workers on the books, and deals for tax evaders who sign up for payment plans.

Argentina’s Buenos Aires Scrooges Forced to Rescind Ban on Christmas Carolers [LAHT]
The decision by the government of Buenos Aires this year not to authorize the tradition of caroling in the street on Thursday sparked a heated controversy among defenders of the Christmas spirit which eventually was settled by the revocation of the measure.

Argentina looks to taxis to get economy moving [AP]
Argentina’s government hopes 15,000 new taxis will help get the economy moving. President Cristina Fernandez says the government will offer taxi drivers credits on half the value of a taxi at a below-market interest rate of 11 percent It’s part of a series of programs to boost production and ease credit in South America’s second largest economy.

Going pinker on the Plata – Gay Tourism in Buenos Aires [Economist]
Gay tourists have flocked to Buenos Aires since Argentina’s 2002 currency devaluation made it one of the world’s most affordable destinations. Tourism officials reckon that at least a fifth of foreign visitors to the city are gay.


Buenos Aires News: Edition 4

Seems like our new Buenos Aires News idea was popular enough to be “borrowed” on another site, so I guess we’re doing something right.  (Though some credit would have been nice.)

Argentina Playboy Bunny Campaigns for Whales in Chile  [Merco Press]
Argentine top model Vanesa Carbone cat-walked topless in front of the Japanese embassy in Santiago de Chile to protest Japan’s indiscriminate whale hunting and the use of animal skins in human clothing. Save the whales! (And yes, there is a photo on their site too.)

Spain’s Bets Sour in Latin America [Wall Street Journal]
Argentine lawmakers Wednesday approved a draft law to seize back the country’s largest airline Aerolineas Argentinas and its subsidiary Austral from its owners, the Spanish group Marsans. The measure approved by Argentina’s lower house of Congress Wednesday declared Marsans’ properties to be “of public utility,” which is enough under Argentine law to allow expropriation. Marsans claims the airline is worth $250 – $450 million while the Argentine government wants to pay 1 peso (.30 cents) for the airline.

Argentine political soap opera bubbles along [San Francisco Chronicle]
Argentine Vice-President Julio Cobos has become an outcast in the government after he cast the tie-breaking vote in July’s farmer’s strike against his boss President Cristina Fernandez, but his popularity soared.  His approval rating is twice that of the president in some approval polls, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to come to work for him.

Yes, We Have No Monedas! [Slate]
Subtitled “Inside the world’s most annoying economic crisis,” this is yet another story about the shortage of coins in Buenos Aires and the many interesting ways people are dealing with it. Michelle and Tom’s blog has their own interesting experiences with the Argentine coin shortage. Truly a strange problem to see…

Fernandez Unveils Stimulus Plan for Argentine Economy [Bloomberg]
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has unveiled a 13.2 billion-peso ($3.9 billion) plan to spur the country’s consumption and exports in a bid to counter the effects of the global financial crisis. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.


Buenos Aires News: Edition 2

More interesting news from Buenos Aires this week:

Argentine court intervenes in Aerolineas Argentinas [Reuters]
An Argentine court agreed to oversee the day-to-day running of the country’s main airline on Friday amid signs the government is moving to expropriate the carrier from its Spanish owners.

Airline Grab Gains Ground in Argentina [The Wall Street Journal]
An Argentine congressional committee recommended that the government nationalize flagship airline Aerolíneas Argentinas, in a move likely to heighten investor concerns about the country.

Barack Obama Calls Cristina Fernández [The Argentine Post]
President-elect Barack Obama called Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday, November 18th and had a 10 minute conversation with her.  She had previously announced her preference that he win the presidency and sent a congratulatory note to him when he won.

Where is the Argentine Peso Headed [The Argentine Post]
A good summary of the peso’s decline, why it’s not declining faster, and what we might expect in the future.

Argentines react to pension nationalization [Washington Post]
Argentine officials on Friday praised the nationalization of $23 billion in private pensions as good news for workers, while opposition leaders called it more of a looting than a reform.

Buenos Aires to Get Tour Buses [Hostel Colonia]
One familiar site in NYC and many other major cities of the world are the double-decker Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses that you see taking tourists around the city. They can be a convenient way to quickly see a lot of a city when you don’t have much time to spend there. (I’ve been on them in Barcelona, Dublin, and a few other cities.)  With the huge explosion of tourism in Argentina, it was surprising that there was no tour buses here.  Well, as of January, that will no longer be the case as 8 new buses are coming to take tourists from La Boca to Palermo.