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Buenos Aires News: Edition 2

More interesting news from Buenos Aires this week:

Argentine court intervenes in Aerolineas Argentinas [Reuters]
An Argentine court agreed to oversee the day-to-day running of the country’s main airline on Friday amid signs the government is moving to expropriate the carrier from its Spanish owners.

Airline Grab Gains Ground in Argentina [The Wall Street Journal]
An Argentine congressional committee recommended that the government nationalize flagship airline Aerolíneas Argentinas, in a move likely to heighten investor concerns about the country.

Barack Obama Calls Cristina Fernández [The Argentine Post]
President-elect Barack Obama called Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday, November 18th and had a 10 minute conversation with her.  She had previously announced her preference that he win the presidency and sent a congratulatory note to him when he won.

Where is the Argentine Peso Headed [The Argentine Post]
A good summary of the peso’s decline, why it’s not declining faster, and what we might expect in the future.

Argentines react to pension nationalization [Washington Post]
Argentine officials on Friday praised the nationalization of $23 billion in private pensions as good news for workers, while opposition leaders called it more of a looting than a reform.

Buenos Aires to Get Tour Buses [Hostel Colonia]
One familiar site in NYC and many other major cities of the world are the double-decker Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses that you see taking tourists around the city. They can be a convenient way to quickly see a lot of a city when you don’t have much time to spend there. (I’ve been on them in Barcelona, Dublin, and a few other cities.)  With the huge explosion of tourism in Argentina, it was surprising that there was no tour buses here.  Well, as of January, that will no longer be the case as 8 new buses are coming to take tourists from La Boca to Palermo.


Change (Hype) We Can Believe In

Last Thursday, the message of change reached Buenos Aires as I joined Expat Connection and Democrats Abroad at Sugar Bar in Palermo Soho for the Barack Obama concert. Oops, I meant the Barack Obama award show. Sorry, I mean the Barack Obama presidential nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

About 250+ expats packed Sugar Bar for the AR $5 pints and well drinks and a chance to be a part of history. If the turnout was any indication, it definitely looks like expats are a strong voice for change. Everyone was extremely tuned into his speech, as could be seen by the girl in front of us who kept shushing everyone around her, apparently forgetting that she chose to view the speech in a bar rather than on her own couch or that she could re-live every word of the speech on YouTube later that night.

To be fair, it was an impressive speech – if a bit heavy on the hype.  While I’m leaning towards Barack, I’m going to reserve final judgment until the presidential debates, when hopefully we can get some more substance than this night afforded us. The Daily Show has a great clip about the night:

Anyhow, here’s a quick video with some photos and quick clips that I shot.