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Sugar Bar and El Tejano: The Match Made in BBQ and Beer Heaven

What happens when you cross the most popular expat bar in Buenos Aires with the best closed door barbecue in Buenos Aires?

A food coma and a buzz for sure, but also one of those meals that you end up talking about for awhile and making plans to go back again. Soon.

Sugar Bar and El Tejano BBQ MenuToday I had a chance to sample Sugar Bar’s new special BBQ menu from El Tejano which is launching this week to the public, and all I can say is “delicioso.” We had a chance to sample brisket and pulled pork, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, hearty fries and amazing ribs. (Watch out Kansas, these are probably the best ribs in BA!)

Larry from El Tejano takes great pride in his BBQ and hot sauces, and it clearly shows. From his custom-made smoker to traveling outside of the capital to the butcher so that he can specify the exact way to cut the ribs, no detail has been left out and the flavors were amazing.

Amazing Barbecue Menu!We’d strongly suggest you get over to Sugar for lunch or dinner and check out this new menu. You’ll also have a chance to check out the many improvements that have been made to the bar itself. Wit  all new projectors, flat screens and a state-of-the-art sound system, this will be the best place in Palermo Soho to watch the World Cup matches – and eat some amazing BBQ at the same time.

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The Week(s) in Review

Unfortunately, work has once again taken over a major part of our lives for the past few weeks, so we’ve been a bit slow on posting any new updates.  I’ve got a few drafts started, but they’ve been on hold while we try and juggle these other projects and Spanish classes.  Let me tell you, running a blog takes a lot of work and unfortunately, for most people, it doesn’t pay the bills either.

So, here’s a quick update on some of the more interesting things we’ve been able to do recently:

  • Mersal finished building and programming the web site for the South American Music Conference (SAMC). They host conferences and electronic music festivals across South America. The Buenos Aires SAMC is in March 2009.
  • I’ve been busy gearng up for New Year’s Eve, our busiest time of the year.
  • We’ve been able to check out some great new restaurants:
    • We met up with Eddie and his wife when they were in town and got to check out some great restaurants: Sucre, Osaka, and Las Nazarenas (amazing bife de chorizo).
    • We went to La Cabrera, a steak house that everyone talks about – and for good reason! For $54 pesos (about $16) had a steak bigger than the two of us could finish along with a great assortment of 12 small side dishes. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.
    • We’ve now gone to Osaka twice and have another reservation this week. It’s the best sushi in Buenos Aires!
  • I started taking horseback riding lessons with a friend-of-a-friend in Buenos Aires. It’s a lot more work than it seems like and the saddles are not like western saddles, so they take some getting used to. If you’re looking for a great instructor, let me know. I’ve already referred two other people to him.
  • We went to the election night party at Sugar bar with hundreds of other expats to watch Barak Obama’s victory. (Well, ok, we actually didn’t make it that late, but we found out in the morning.)
  • We went to Creamfields Buenos Aires, a 50,000+ person electronic music festival last weekend. It was a great time, but I wish I could remember more of it!
  • We took advantage of the 90 degree weather we’ve been having here and cooked an asado on our roof patio.

Hopefully, we’ll do better at updating the blog, but it might be a few weeks as we’re off to Patagonia (Calafate and Ushuaia) next week with my brother and his girlfriend! It’s a surprise, so don’t tell them!

Here’s some photos too!


Change (Hype) We Can Believe In

Last Thursday, the message of change reached Buenos Aires as I joined Expat Connection and Democrats Abroad at Sugar Bar in Palermo Soho for the Barack Obama concert. Oops, I meant the Barack Obama award show. Sorry, I mean the Barack Obama presidential nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

About 250+ expats packed Sugar Bar for the AR $5 pints and well drinks and a chance to be a part of history. If the turnout was any indication, it definitely looks like expats are a strong voice for change. Everyone was extremely tuned into his speech, as could be seen by the girl in front of us who kept shushing everyone around her, apparently forgetting that she chose to view the speech in a bar rather than on her own couch or that she could re-live every word of the speech on YouTube later that night.

To be fair, it was an impressive speech – if a bit heavy on the hype.  While I’m leaning towards Barack, I’m going to reserve final judgment until the presidential debates, when hopefully we can get some more substance than this night afforded us. The Daily Show has a great clip about the night:

Anyhow, here’s a quick video with some photos and quick clips that I shot.