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April Fools’ Post-Mortem

Argentina Amnesty Program JokeYesterday I posted an April Fools’ blog post announcing an “Argentina Expat Amnesty Program,” and even with quite a few giveaways in the post, it seems that I managed to trick a good number of people.

It turned out to be one of the more read posts we’ve have in awhile, so I thought a quick post-mortem of the post was in order. (Plus, if you were fooled, you can see that you were not alone!)

Number of views: 927

Number of Facebook likes: 94

Number of Facebook shares: 188

Number of clicks to the Argentine immigration site from the link at the bottom: 114

Number of clicks to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” after I changed the immigration link realizing that too many people were going to the immigration site and searching for ‘amnesty’: 32

Number of email messages asking if it was real: 4

Number of angry comments: 1.5
(one angry one, one telling me it was not funny)


Argentina Announces Expat Amnesty Program

Argentina has just announced a new amnesty program that should benefit a lot of expats living in the country. (Unfortunately this post is an April’s Fool joke and not true.)

Argentina Amnesty ProgramRecognizing that lax immigration policies and a low cost of living have attracted a large number of non-Mercosur foreign citizens to come to Buenos Aires and overstay their 90-day tourist visa, the government has finally decided to take action. Luckily, this does not mean a crackdown on those who stay illegally or make the questionable ferry crossing to Colonia, but rather an amnesty program that will provide a DNI and full-time residency along with a path to citizenship if so desired.

“We understand that many non-Mercosur foreigners come here and overstay their tourist visa,” said Hector Timerman, foreign minister. “We want to provide options to these people rather than just a $600 peso fine or taking day trips to Colonia. We want to make their lives easier.”

Of course, the government is not doing this purely out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather with the goal of collecting additional tax revenue. Everyone who applies for amnesty will have the joy of paying taxes both in Argentina and their home country.

Details of the plan are as follows:

  • You may apply for the amnesty program only after paying at least one overstay fine, visa extension or showing at least two passport stamps from Colonia, Uruguay.
  • You must be a non-Mercosur resident to apply. Citizens of the United Kingdom are not eligible for the amnesty program because, you know, the Malvinas (and Jeremy Clarkson).
  • Once you apply, you may not leave the country until your application is fully processed. Estimated wait times are from 14 – 365 days.
  • The application fee is $10,000 pesos, but you may pay that in 12 payments. Each payment will include an inflation adjustment of 5%.
  • You must submit apostilled and translated copies of your foreign passport, birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, high school and college transcripts, bank statements and tax returns for the past 5 years, FBI criminal check and letters of reference explaining why you should be allowed to become a resident of Argentina.
  • The initial application may be completed online, but you will still be expected to head to the immigration office, take a number and wait in line to be processed.

Applications will be available from April 1, 2015 (April Fools’ Day) – December 28, 2015 (Dia de los Inocentes). You may apply online at the Argentina Migraciones web site. Just search for amnesty and follow the instructions.


Have 99 Friends? Get a free bike.

UPDATE: So, looks like Brilliant Bicycles did not think this promo out too well. They ended the promotion early and also limited the number of bikes they were giving away. That sucks. It’s never cool to change the terms midway through a promotion. I can only assume using emails to confirm friends lead to a lot of fake email signups. Unfortunately, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who was legitimately trying to earn a bike. Not a great way to launch a new company…


While this has nothing to do with Buenos Aires, it’s still a pretty cool idea…

Got 99 friends? Get a free bike.Brilliant Bicycle is launching their new website and if you get 99 friends to sign up for their mailing list by March 22, you’ll get a free bike. If you happen to fall short of the 99 friends, they’ll still give you a discount on a new bike.

I’d love to have your help in getting a free bike! Once you sign up with my link, you can start sending it to all your friends!

(It’s US only, so you’ll have to ship it to someone there…)



World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever is here and if you needed any other reason to get more excited, check out this awesome commercial from Beats featuring Brazilian star Neymar. It’s already racked up an impressive 7 million views in the 4 days since it’s release!

Go Argentina!

Beats World Cup Commercial