World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever is here and if you needed any other reason to get more excited, check out this awesome commercial from Beats featuring Brazilian star Neymar. It’s already racked up an impressive 7 million views in the 4 days since it’s release! Go Argentina!

Buenos Aires Prepares for Early Rush Hour Tomorrow

Argentina meets South Korea in their second World Cup match tomorrow…at 8:30am local time in Buenos Aires. Now, if you know anything about Argentines, they are not early risers. You will see more people on the streets at 4am on a Sunday morning than at 10am.  However, soccer matches are a completely different story.  This … Read more

Buenos Aires News: Edition 9

I’ve decided to bring back the Buenos Aires News postings that I had previously been doing. I know it’s been awhile since Edition 8, but look for them to come more regularly now. If you want up-to-the-minute Buenos Aires updates, follow the Buenos Aires Life Twitter account. Can Argentina’s Diego Maradona work his magic? [Miami Herald] … Read more

World Cup Fever Coming to Argentina

If you’re like me (from the States), the World Cup is probably something you know about and might watch should you be channel surfing. However, if you’re Argentine, then the World Cup is something you’ve been waiting the last four years for. In fact, soccer is pretty much a religion here. (Seriously, there’s an actual church … Read more