Buenos Aires Prepares for Early Rush Hour Tomorrow

Argentina meets South Korea in their second World Cup match tomorrow…at 8:30am local time in Buenos Aires.

Now, if you know anything about Argentines, they are not early risers. You will see more people on the streets at 4am on a Sunday morning than at 10am.  However, soccer matches are a completely different story.  This may be the earliest the entire country has ever been up.

So, how do Argentines watch the match when they’re supposed to be at work?  Well, many companies have put in TVs to allow employees to catch the games. With this in mind, plan on an earlier than usual rush hour tomorrow in Buenos Aires as everyone rushes to be at their desk before 8:30am. Or, maybe everyone will just call in sick…

To get you in the spirit, here’s another World Cup inspired video. This one is from Voxpop, an Argentine acapella group. They recorded this acapella tribute to the Argentine football team, and to two of the FIFA World Cup songs: Un’ Estate Italiana from Italy 1990 and Wavin’ Flag from South Africa 2010.