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Buenos Aires More Expensive for Foreigners

credit: Sebastián-Dario

credit: Sebastián-Dario

Merco Press reported yesterday that Buenos Aires is more expensive than last year, due to inflation estimated at between 10 to 20 percent and to the drop in the dollar’s value.  Luckily, it still ranks among the cheapest cities in the world for foreigners, though it may not be the value that it once was. The Argentine capital ranked 138th among 143 cities worldwide, while in 2007 it was the 139th. These statistics were based on the comparative costs of 200 categories of products and services in each city, including housing, transport, food, clothes, domestic appliances, and entertainment.

This seems to correspond to the Economist’s recent survey about the price of a Big Mac being more than that in the U.S. too. Maybe Barak can do something to bring up the dollar’s value?