Why it sucks to be a gadgetphile in Buenos Aires

Yet another reminder of why it sucks to be a gadgetphile in Argentina… This was a “great deal” on a 42″ flat screen in Argentina last week: This was a “great deal” on a 42″ flat screen in the United States last week: And to rub salt in the wound, The Atlantic Cities also points … Read more

The Worst Thing About Buenos Aires

I had previously written about the best thing in Buenos Aires, so now I found it only fitting to write about the worst thing in Buenos Aires. Crime? Nope. Lack of good sushi, peanut butter,¬†pickles¬†and spice? Close, but no. Inflation? Ridiculous, but not it. Dog poop on the streets? Annoying, but wrong again. It’s electronics. … Read more

Expat Tech: iPhone 4 in Argentina

UPDATE (5.4.12): I should have updated this post earlier, but iPhones are no longer available in Argentina from the mobile carriers due to import restrictions put on them by the Argentine government. You can buy them from Mercadolibre and other sites, but they are 2-3 times the price that they would be in the States. … Read more