Apple iPhone 5s / 5c in Argentina

Yep, it’s that time of the year again… The time when Apple releases the newest version of their iPhone and those of us in Argentina with technolust can only drool over the chance of getting one. (Because you know technology is super expensive here and way outdated. Hell, BlackBerry may actually be gaining marketshare in … Read more

iPhone 5 in Argentina

Yesterday Apple released the details on their newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. While these events are getting less and less climatic due to the number of leaks that come out beforehand, the latest iPhone still has a number of great new features including a bigger screen, thinner size, higher-speed LTE network, faster WiFi, new earbuds … Read more

Argentina Tightens Customs Inspections at Airports

The big news this week was that Argentina has banned the import of books into the country in the name of protecting citizens against “dangerous levels of lead in foreign made inks.” This new book ban means that one will no longer be able to order from without having to make a trip out to … Read more

Save Bandwidth On Your iPhone

Have an iPhone? Have data limits? Or are you traveling to Argentina and need to use your home data plan while here? All these things can be incredibly expensive, but there is a cool new app for the iPhone called Onavo that can save you a lot of data usage and extra charges. Onavo is … Read more

iPhone 4 Released in Argentina

The iPhone 4 on Movistar was just released in Buenos Aires today! Currently, it is only available from certain Carrefour locations and Falabella at Unicenter. In fact, both stores took out full page ads in today’s paper to publicize it’s release. It’s so new, even Movistar’s web site does not yet make any mention of its availability. … Read more

Expat Tech: New iPhone Jailbreak Released For All iPhones

A new, incredibly simple iPhone jailbreak has just been released for all iPhones, including the new iPhone 4.  Whereas previous jailbreaks required some technical knowledge and figuring out what software package to download, this new jailbreak is as simple as visiting the web site from your iPhone’s Safari browser. Now, while this new tool will … Read more

Expat Tech: Skype Now Supports Multi-Tasking

We previously reported at the end of May on Skype adding support for 3G calling to their iPhone app and are now happy to report that as of yesterday, Skype now also supports multi-tasking on Apple’s new iOS 4 for the iPhone 4 and 3GS. What this means is that you can now run Skype … Read more