Free Tickets to See Interpol in Buenos Aires

Interpol is playing a free show at the Anfiteatro Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. The concert is part of the Movistar Free Music series and over the coming weeks, Movistar will be running several ticket giveaways. However, a limited number of tickets will be given away tomorrow, September 30, 2011 at the following locations: La Trastienda: Balcarce … Read more

iPhone 4 Released in Argentina

The iPhone 4 on Movistar was just released in Buenos Aires today! Currently, it is only available from certain Carrefour locations and Falabella at Unicenter. In fact, both stores took out full page ads in today’s paper to publicize it’s release. It’s so new, even Movistar’s web site does not yet make any mention of its availability. … Read more

Saving Money With Movistar Prepago

I had previously posted instructions about how to add credit to your Movistar pre-paid mobile phone via credit card, but I thought now would be a good time to talk about how to save some money on using your pre-paid cell phone plan.  While I am covering Movistar in particular, these tips also apply to … Read more

Buenos Aires Tips: How To Add Credit To Your Movistar Phone

After being here a year, things become a lot easier (trust me), but I remember how difficult it was to figure out how to do so many simple things when I first got here.  One of those things was adding credit to my pre-paid Movistar phone. (As a foreigner, you cannot get a cell phone … Read more