How Much Money Can You Bring to Argentina?

Now that most tourists and expats know about the dollar blue, the question that often arises is “How much money can I bring into Argentina legally?” It’s pretty simple actually: For those age 16 and older, you can legally enter the country with up to $10,000 United States dollars For those under 16, you can … Read more

Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Sugar-free Red Bull and More in Argentina

Here’s a tip for those expats missing some of the tastes of home.  This all developed out of the slight addiction I have to sugar-free Red Bull. On my last trip to the States, I was seriously considering how I could bring a case of it back on the plane with me. Luckily, I stumbled … Read more

Looking Up A Zip Code in Buenos Aires

Need to know what a certain “código postal,”  also known as a zip or postal code, in Buenos Aires is? Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find: Select “Consulte de CPA” on the Correo Argentina‘s web site Select the Provincia (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires for Buenos Aires city) Select the Localidad (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires for Buenos Aires city) … Read more

Buenos Aires Tips: How To Add Credit To Your Movistar Phone

After being here a year, things become a lot easier (trust me), but I remember how difficult it was to figure out how to do so many simple things when I first got here.  One of those things was adding credit to my pre-paid Movistar phone. (As a foreigner, you cannot get a cell phone … Read more