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How Much Money Can You Bring to Argentina?

Legally Bringing Money To ArgentinaNow that most tourists and expats know about the dollar blue, the question that often arises is “How much money can I bring into Argentina legally?

It’s pretty simple actually:

  • For those age 16 and older, you can legally enter the country with up to $10,000 United States dollars
  • For those under 16, you can legally enter the country with up to $5,000 United States dollars

For amounts from $10,000 and up, you need to declare the money upon entry to the county, though I’ve never once heard of anyone doing that. You can read the rules and regulations on the AFIP website.


Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Sugar-free Red Bull and More in Argentina

Here’s a tip for those expats missing some of the tastes of home.  This all developed out of the slight addiction I have to sugar-free Red Bull. On my last trip to the States, I was seriously considering how I could bring a case of it back on the plane with me.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a simpler solution – soda mixes from Sodastream. These soda flavors are designed for their make-your-own soda machines but working perfectly when mixed with any agua con gas. And luckily, they have a lot of knock-off flavors that will let you enjoy your favorites from home.

Missing root beer? Pick up their root beer mix. Missing Dr Pepper? Get their Dr Pete mix (yeah, pretty original name). And want sugar-free Red Bull? Get their diet energy drink mix (it’s really close). They also have cherry cola, cream soda, ginger ale, Crystal Light and many more in both regular and diet.

One 16.9oz bottle of soda mix makes about 12 liters of soda, so that should keep you stocked for awhile. They also claim that their sodas are healthier than the original formulas with no high-fructose corn syrup and lower calorie. And it weighs about 2 pounds so shouldn’t weigh your suitcase down too much.

Of course, this will require a bit of planning since you’ll still have to buy it in the States or have a friend bring it down for you.

And speaking of which… anyone want to bring me another bottle of diet Energy Mix? It’s going a lot faster than I thought!


Looking Up A Zip Code in Buenos Aires

Need to know what a certain “código postal,”  also known as a zip or postal code, in Buenos Aires is?

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find:

  1. Select “Consulte de CPA” on the Correo Argentina‘s web site
  2. Select the Provincia (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires for Buenos Aires city)
  3. Select the Localidad (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires for Buenos Aires city)
  4. Enter the address. (Street name under “Calle” and street number under “Altura
  5. Enter the CAPTCHA code
  6. Click Consultar

You’ll get a result that looks something like this: C1428AFB

You only need the four digits (1428 in this case) to have the correct postal code, though they have been trying to move people to use the full CPA since 1998.

It’s a simple, but useful site.


Buenos Aires Tips: How To Add Credit To Your Movistar Phone

Movistar Instructions in EnglishAfter being here a year, things become a lot easier (trust me), but I remember how difficult it was to figure out how to do so many simple things when I first got here.  One of those things was adding credit to my pre-paid Movistar phone. (As a foreigner, you cannot get a cell phone plan here, so you must use the “pre-pago” service.)  A big problem, of course, was my lack of being able to speak or understand Spanish.  So, hopefully this English guide to adding credit to your Movistar phone will help some of you out.

Let me start by saying, the easiest way for me personally to add credit has just been to charge it to my US credit card.  I know that it is possible to buy Movistar credits at the kioscos and charge it that way, but I like the convenience of being able to do it from wherever I am.  Hopefully we can get some people to comment on what works for them or how they do it with other mobile services.

Ok, so on to Movistar.  Here’s the steps:

  1. Dial *444 from your mobile phone. You will hear an automated voice announcing some promotions and then asking for input.
  2. Press 2 to begin the recharge process. (Press 1 to hear your current available credit.)
  3. Press 2 to charge to a credit card. (Press 1 to charge to a Movistar card.)
  4. Wait a second for it to connect and you’ll the be prompted to enter your credit card number followed by the # sign. Do that.
  5. They repeat the credit card number back to you.  Press 1 if correct, 2 if incorrect.
  6. You’re next asked for the security code (4 digit for American Express, 3 digit for Visa/MasterCard) followed by the # sign. Enter that.
  7. They repeat the security code back to you.  Press 1 if correct, 2 if incorrect.
  8. You’re then prompted to enter the 2-digit month and the 2-digit year for the credit card expiration. (No # sign at the end this time.) Enter it.
  9. They repeat the expiration date back to you.  Press 1 if correct, 2 if incorrect.
  10. You are now prompted to choose what you want to charge.  Press 2 to specify an amount to charge your credit card.
  11. Enter the amount to charge to your account followed by the number sign.
  12. They now repeat the amount, the credit card and expiration date information back to you.Press 1 if correct, 2 if incorrect.
  13. Wait a few seconds.  They will confirm the charge and disconnect the call. You should get a text message stating your new balance. Please note that this new balance may not include any double-credit promotions.  You may get that as an additional text.
  14. That’s it!  You did it.

Another thing to realize is that Movistar will send a number of promotions throughout the week to your mobile phone.  This is usually the best time to recharge, as they often give double credit when you recharge and occasionally triple credit.  After you recharge, they will send a number of texts with additional promotions too, such as free SMS for a day, free calling to another Movistar number for 7 days, etc.

So, anyone else have any tips or instructions for other carriers?

UPDATE: I’ve added a new post about how to save money using Movistar pre-pago.  You may find that useful as well.