Expat Tech: Skype Now Supports Multi-Tasking

We previously reported at the end of May on Skype adding support for 3G calling to their iPhone app and are now happy to report that as of yesterday, Skype now also supports multi-tasking on Apple’s new iOS 4 for the iPhone 4 and 3GS. What this means is that you can now run Skype … Read more

Expat Tech: Skype for iPhone Now Supports 3G Calls

Skype 2.0 for the iPhone was just released and it now includes the ability to make calls over 3G networks. Previously, you could only make calls over WiFi. I immediately put it to the test on my jail-broken and unlocked iPhone 3G using Movistar’s pre-paid 3G network. Guess what? It works great and the call clarity was … Read more

Expat Tech: Google Voice Coming Soon

More interesting news from Google – they have just announced Google Voice, a new service that will give you a new US phone number from Google with a slew of services to go along with it.  The basic premise of Google Voice is that you will have one number for all your phones, for life.  When … Read more

Setting Up Telephone and Cell Phone Service

Setting up phone service when you moved out of the country used to be a lot more complex. With the Internet and voice-over-ip services, everything is pretty simple. Telephone: Vonage I’ve had a Vonage phone number in the NYC (212) area code for almost four years now and it’s moved wherever I’ve gone. I’m keeping this number in … Read more