Ice Cream Inflation…and How to Beat It

I truly believe Argentina has some of the best ice cream in the world. Unfortunately, Argentina also has inflation of around 30%. What does this mean for ice cream? Well, a kilo of Freddo ice cream has jumped 119% since 2011! (If you happen to have USD you’re lucky as the price has decreased almost … Read more

Freddo Ice Cream – $257 Pesos A Kilo!

If you thought inflation in Argentina was bad, check out the price of a kilo of Freddo in Punta del Este: Yes, that’s UYU $500, but that works out to U$S 22 or $257 Argentine pesos! (And yes, this Freddo is inside the Conrad Punta del Este where everything is super expensive.) It’s pretty easy … Read more

Random Observations: Week 2

Welcome to the second part in my series. 🙂 Remember, some of these may be huge generalizations, but that’s ok. Random Observations: Week 2 There is no sugar free Red Bull in the country. This was one of my favorite drinks with vodka in the US. There are (almost) no obese people in Argentina. There … Read more