Expat Tech: A Simple and Easy VPN Client

UPDATE: I’ve had some problems with TunnelBear connecting from my provider in Argentina. I have since started using Private Internet Access for VPN and am much happier with it. One thing you quickly realize about living in Argentina is that many of the US-based websites either block you or try to tailor the experience for … Read more

Watch US Television from Argentina

One of the complaints that most expats in Argentina have is missing television from home. There have been a few options: set up a Slingbox, use torrents to download shows, set up a proxy server to use Hulu or search for the best illegal streaming site (before it is shut down). There also appears to … Read more

Fibertel Set to Launch Wideband High Speed Internet

Fibertel is getting ready to launch Wideband, their new high-speed Internet service in Buenos Aires. From several posts on Twitter, it appears that several customers have been given the opportunity to sign up for the service before it has been released to the general public. The new Wideband connection will offer 30 Mbps for $300 … Read more

Easier Full Text RSS Feeds

I have previously written about using WizardRSS to expand those annoying RSS feeds that only give you a snippet of the article rather than the whole post and require you to click through to the web site to read the rest. Since then, there have been a number of other similar services, like FullTextRSSFeed and … Read more

Save Bandwidth On Your iPhone

Have an iPhone? Have data limits? Or are you traveling to Argentina and need to use your home data plan while here? All these things can be incredibly expensive, but there is a cool new app for the iPhone called Onavo that can save you a lot of data usage and extra charges. Onavo is … Read more

Best Way to Fax to the US from Argentina

UPDATE (4/7/15): Updated with new plan options from Hello Fax. If you spend any time overseas and still have business or personal matters back home, there is going to come a time when you need to sign some form and fax it back. Yes, even with the Internet many places still require a hard copy. … Read more

Expat Tech: Full Text RSS Feeds

I read a lot of RSS feeds. I follow tech sites as well as all my favorite Buenos Aires blogs this way. Using Google Reader to scan through the latest updates and news makes it a lot easier than having to visit/remember multiple sites. One of the biggest annoyances though is when sites publish their RSS … Read more