Fibertel Set to Launch Wideband High Speed Internet

Fibertel is getting ready to launch Wideband, their new high-speed Internet service in Buenos Aires. From several posts on Twitter, it appears that several customers have been given the opportunity to sign up for the service before it has been released to the general public. The new Wideband connection will offer 30 Mbps for $300 … Read more

Dealing with Argentine Services

During my original “temporary” Buenos Aires stay, I really didn’t have to deal too much with the Argentine service companies – phone, cable, etc. I just left that up to my landlord. Unfortunately, now that I am here semi-permanently, dealing with them is making me realize why so many others have complained before. Let’s start … Read more

Expat Tech: Increasing Slow Network Speed and Performance in Buenos Aires

After recently arriving back to Buenos Aires from a trip to the States, I was immediately struck (again) by just how much slower the Internet connections are in Argentina. My connection in the States is cheaper and blows away the speeds that I can get here. This lack of speed has been especially apparent when … Read more