Fibertel Set to Launch Wideband High Speed Internet

Fibertel is getting ready to launch Wideband, their new high-speed Internet service in Buenos Aires.

From several posts on Twitter, it appears that several customers have been given the opportunity to sign up for the service before it has been released to the general public. The new Wideband connection will offer 30 Mbps for $300 pesos per month. (Currently their fastest consumer offering is 6 Mbps for $109 pesos for the first 6 months, $140 for the next 6 months and then $179 pesos per month after that.) Unfortunately, it also looks like it will have a 250GB cap on data transfers per month.

Still, this will be a welcome improvement in Internet speed for Argentina and offer speeds that had not previously been available. You can sign up to be notified when the service launches on their website.