Best Way to Fax to the US from Argentina

UPDATE (4/7/15): Updated with new plan options from Hello Fax.

If you spend any time overseas and still have business or personal matters back home, there is going to come a time when you need to sign some form and fax it back. Yes, even with the Internet many places still require a hard copy.

Now, there are several ways of doing that, but each have their drawbacks:

  • Option 1: Have a fax machine and hook it up to your VOIP line so you can fax when you want.
    Cons: you need a fax machine and VOIP connection, overkill unless you send a lot of faxes
  • Option 2: Print the form, sign it, scan it back in and then send it using a service like eFax or MyFax.
    Cons: you need to sign up for a monthly plan, you need a scanner, you waste paper

Luckily, there is now another option – HelloFax. HelloFax is an all web-based fax service. You create an account, upload a document and then can choose to fill it in or sign it all through their web interface. There’s no need to print anything out.

The best part? Their free plan allows you to send 5 fax pages at no cost and then pay $.99/fax up to 10 pages plus $.20 for any additional pages beyond that. This is perfect if you only need the service occasionally. If you plan to send more faxes, their $9.99/mo plan allows you to send 300 pages per month plus gives you a local number to receive faxes at.

This is much cheaper and quicker than any of the other competing services out there. Check it out. (If you use my referral link, we both get 5 additional free fax pages.)