Hola! I’ve Got Your Pandora, Netflix and Hulu From Anywhere

I’ve written a lot about getting around those crazy restrictions that do not allow us to watch US content in Argentina and I’m always looking for the best products – paid or free – to do the job. For example, if you want to access US content on an iPad or iPhone, then Unotelly is … Read more

Watching US Netflix in Argentina

Netflix brought their streaming service to Argentina in September 2011. Unfortunately, what they failed to bring was the same large selection of movies and shows that is available in the United States. In addition, watching anything in English audio brings up subtitles that cannot be turned off – really annoying for native English speakers. Of … Read more

Unlocked iPhone 5 Now On Sale – Nano SIM Available in Argentina

Apple has just started selling the unlocked iPhone 5 in the United States, so while you can’t get one in Argentina, you can be sure that they’ll start showing up for sale at double the price in the expat forums and on MercadoLibre. For those of you going to the US, you can pick yours … Read more

Get Rid of Google Argentina

Not interested in using Google Argentina for your searches? Or getting tired that your search results keep switching to Spanish? Here’s a great tip… Simply go to www.google.com/ncr That /ncr on the end stand for “no country redirect” and will send you back to the mail Google.com home page. It will also be saved in … Read more

Free 1-Year SiriusXM Internet Radio Trial

UPDATE: Looks like the 1-year deal is now dead. You should be able to get 6-months free with this┬álink. SiriusXM is offering a free 1-year trial of Sirius XM Radio when you enter promo code CHEVY1YR. And the best part is that it does not seem to be geographically restricted, which means it works great … Read more

iPhone 5 in Argentina

Yesterday Apple released the details on their newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. While these events are getting less and less climatic due to the number of leaks that come out beforehand, the latest iPhone still has a number of great new features including a bigger screen, thinner size, higher-speed LTE network, faster WiFi, new earbuds … Read more

Why the New Apple MacBook Pro is the Worst Computer for Argentina

I’ve needed to replace my old MacBook Pro for awhile now and was waiting patiently for last week’s announcement from Apple of their newest models. The announcement turned out to be worth the wait as they announced their beautiful, new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The retina display, solid state drive and thin size make … Read more