Expat Tech: Full Text RSS Feeds

I read a lot of RSS feeds. I follow tech sites as well as all my favorite Buenos Aires blogs this way. Using Google Reader to scan through the latest updates and news makes it a lot easier than having to visit/remember multiple sites.

One of the biggest annoyances though is when sites publish their RSS feeds with only excerpts of the full article. Of course, this is designed to get you to click through to their site to view the rest of the article, as well as to view the ads there. I understand the logic, but it takes away from the user experience of using RSS as a time-saver.

Luckily, there is a solution! WizardRSS takes any RSS feed that only gives you partial content and turns it into a full text RSS feed. Simply copy the link for the RSS feed, paste it into their site and get back a new link that has the full content feed rather than just the excerpts.  Here’s an example:

InvestBA’s regular RSS feed is http://investba.com/feed/ and only gives excerpts of their articles.

Pasting that feed into the form at Wizard RSS will give you the new link, http://www.wizardrss.com/feed/investba.com/feed/ which now contains the full text of all the articles.

Much better…

UPDATE (5/6/11): Check out my new post on an even better way to read full text RSS feeds.