Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

UPDATE: This post is from 2010 and unfortunately, we’re not hosting a Thanksgiving this year. Check this list of places that will have a Thanksgiving dinner though!


Ok, so other than the 90 degree heat, not having the day off from work, and the difficulty in finding turkey ($3.64/lb) , cranberries (impossible), marshmallows (brought from the States), etc. in Buenos Aires, it’s shaping up to be a great Thanksgiving!

We’re hosting a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment and while space is limited, we wanted to take the opportunity to invite our loyal DBA readers and fellow expats or Thanksgiving-loving Argies over. ┬áIf you’d like to join us, please use the contact form to let us know. Unfortunately, we only have about 4 extra spots right now, so we have to apologize in advance if we’re not able to accomodate everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!