Pecan Pie and Thanksgiving Dinner in Buenos Aires

Unfortunately this year, it seems that the number of Thanksgiving dinner options in Buenos Aires are somewhat limited. While there have been a number of open expat events over the past few years, this year’s options seem more limited to the few restaurants that are offering turkey dinners. Here’s a short list:

  • The American Club – Thanksgiving luncheon. You can RSVP by phone at 4373-8801/04 or email.
  • Kansas – they have their typical Thanksgiving dinner offerings.
  • Sugar Bar – they’re offering turkey dinners from 12pm – 9pm along with sports in dark bar setting that’s probably best for the younger crowd.

That seems to be all the options for this year.

Now, if you’re doing your own dinner, there still may be a chance to score a pecan pie, but you’d better act quickly. Kelly Poindexter, an American pastry chef living in Buenos Aires, is selling pecan pies for Thanksgiving. You can get yours by contacting her on Facebook or at her website. This is a rare treat here, so you’d better act quickly!