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Thanksgiving Turkey (and Inflation) Time

Time to order your Thanksgiving turkey! That’s right, Thanksgiving comes early this year and is next week on November 22, 2012.

There’s not a lot of options for turkey in Buenos Aires, so we of course went back to our old standby, La Granja Converso Delicateses. Luckily, their turkeys are organic and free-range, and are actually some of the best turkey I’ve had anywhere. They come frozen though, so you should plan to get your delivery a few days in advance so it can defrost properly in the fridge.

Of course, what would another year be without the corresponding price increase. This year, turkey is $36/kilo up from last year’s $28/kilo. That’s a respectable 28.6% increase. And the cost of delivery has gone from $30 to $40 too.

And the government says that inflation here is only 9-10% a year…


Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey in Buenos Aires

With Thanksgiving about a week away, I just wanted to remind everyone that great organic turkeys are available in Buenos Aires. Our post from last year showed that finding turkey in Buenos Aires while difficult is not impossible.

We ended up ordering from La Granja Converso Delicateses and enjoyed that turkey so much we just ordered again this year. Like all things in Argentina, the price has increased from $22.50/kilo to $28/kilo, but at only 22.4% inflation in a year, that seems like a bargain!

Remember to order for delivery on Monday or Tuesday as these turkeys arrive frozen and need a couple of days to defrost properly. The average weight is around 11 kilos, which means you should have plenty of leftovers.


UPDATE: If you’re not up for making your own turkey, you can get a turkey dinner in Buenos Aires at The American Club, Kansas Grill or Casa Bar.


Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

UPDATE: This post is from 2010 and unfortunately, we’re not hosting a Thanksgiving this year. Check this list of places that will have a Thanksgiving dinner though!


Ok, so other than the 90 degree heat, not having the day off from work, and the difficulty in finding turkey ($3.64/lb) , cranberries (impossible), marshmallows (brought from the States), etc. in Buenos Aires, it’s shaping up to be a great Thanksgiving!

We’re hosting a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment and while space is limited, we wanted to take the opportunity to invite our loyal DBA readers and fellow expats or Thanksgiving-loving Argies over.  If you’d like to join us, please use the contact form to let us know. Unfortunately, we only have about 4 extra spots right now, so we have to apologize in advance if we’re not able to accomodate everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!