Thanksgiving Turkey (and Inflation) Time

Time to order your Thanksgiving turkey! That’s right, Thanksgiving comes early this year and is next week on November 22, 2012.

There’s not a lot of options for turkey in Buenos Aires, so we of course went back to our old standby, La Granja Converso Delicateses. Luckily, their turkeys are organic and free-range, and are actually some of the best turkey I’ve had anywhere. They come frozen though, so you should plan to get your delivery a few days in advance so it can defrost properly in the fridge.

Of course, what would another year be without the corresponding price increase. This year, turkey is $36/kilo up from last year’s $28/kilo. That’s a respectable 28.6% increase. And the cost of delivery has gone from $30 to $40 too.

And the government says that inflation here is only 9-10% a year…