Thanksgiving Turkey (and Inflation) Time

Time to order your Thanksgiving turkey! That’s right, Thanksgiving comes early this year and is next week on November 22, 2012. There’s not a lot of options for turkey in Buenos Aires, so we of course went back to our old standby, La Granja Converso Delicateses. Luckily, their turkeys are organic and free-range, and are actually … Read more

Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey in Buenos Aires

With Thanksgiving about a week away, I just wanted to remind everyone that great organic turkeys are available in Buenos Aires. Our post from last year showed that finding turkey in Buenos Aires while difficult is not impossible. We ended up ordering from La Granja Converso Delicateses and enjoyed that turkey so much we just ordered again this year. … Read more

Turkey (Pavo) in Buenos Aires

With Thanksgiving just recently passed, I thought it would be good to recap some of our experiences with finding turkey (pavo) in Buenos Aires. While it is true that the many varieties of sliced turkey that us Americans love (roasted, smoked, honey roasted, pepper-cracked, etc.) as well as ground turkey, are not available in Buenos … Read more