Turkey (Pavo) in Buenos Aires

With Thanksgiving just recently passed, I thought it would be good to recap some of our experiences with finding turkey (pavo) in Buenos Aires.

While it is true that the many varieties of sliced turkey that us Americans love (roasted, smoked, honey roasted, pepper-cracked, etc.) as well as ground turkey, are not available in Buenos Aires, I’m happy to report that it is possible to find good turkey here while avoiding the slimy sliced lunch meat version they have in some supermarkets here.

Around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we learned that most of the major supermarkets carry frozen turkeys. They are typically called “pavitas” and are smaller birds than their North American counterparts.  They’re easy to cook in the smaller ovens here and tend to be quite tasty.

If you’re looking for a true turkey (pavo), then we found a great butcher that specializes in turkey year-round. La Granja Converso Delicateses carries organic turkey from Cordoba and will deliver them to your home. We purchased two 11kg (24 lb) birds from them and they were great!  The perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

As a final note, Valenti, which is a chain of delicatessens, carries fresh roasted turkey that you can buy sliced. They also make a good turkey sandwich to go – something that is almost impossible to find here.