Easier Full Text RSS Feeds

I have previously written about using WizardRSS to expand those annoying RSS feeds that only give you a snippet of the article rather than the whole post and require you to click through to the web site to read the rest.

Since then, there have been a number of other similar services, like FullTextRSSFeed and FeedEx. I’m happy to report that there is now an even better way – Super Google Reader.

Super Google Reader is an extension for Google’s Chrome browser (you are using Chrome, right?). Once installed, this extension adds a new “Super Settings” menu to your Google Reader feeds page. In this menu is a new “Readable” option. Simply choose that for any of your feeds that only display partial content.

Now, the next time you open that feed this extension will automatically connect and download the full content. You can even set it to “pre-fetch” the content to help speed up the process.

It works much better than any of the other services, and eliminates the annoyance of having to click through to the sites in order to read the article you want.

BONUS: As an added bonus, here is a bundle of all the best Buenos Aires blogs that I personally follow. Clicking the link will allow you to subscribe to them in Google Reader as well. Enjoy.