Watch US Television from Argentina

One of the complaints that most expats in Argentina have is missing television from home. There have been a few options: set up a Slingbox, use torrents to download shows, set up a proxy server to use Hulu or search for the best illegal streaming site (before it is shut down).

There also appears to be another option that has a lot of people talking recently – USTV NOW. This apparently legal site offers live streaming US television to American citizens living overseas (they specify this as a requirement when signing up, but do not seem to do any checking).

Their free plan includes: ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and PBS. For $19-$29/month you can get their all channel plan which includes twenty-one additional channels including ESPN. They also offer plans with a DVR feature and higher-end plans with HBO and Showtime.

In our testing, the quality was very good and this definitely looks to be one of the best ways to watch live TV from the States.

Try it out now!