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Watching US Netflix in Argentina

Netflix brought their streaming service to Argentina in September 2011. Unfortunately, what they failed to bring was the same large selection of movies and shows that is available in the United States. In addition, watching anything in English audio brings up subtitles that cannot be turned off – really annoying for native English speakers.

Watch US Netflix from ArgentinaOf course, you could use a VPN service to get around this block, but VPNs can really slow down your connection speed and they’re not always available for other devices like tablets, smartphones and web-TV devices. Luckily, there is an even quicker and easier way to get around this block and start streaming the US version of Netflix at full speed – Unotelly.

Unotelly is a great service that provides access to the US version of Netflix as well as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, HBO GO, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, NFL, NHL and many more. They even work for many other overseas channels, like the BBC (UK), France 2/4 TV, etc. And, it works with Pandora and many other music streaming services as well.

What makes Unotelly so great is that all you have to do is change your DNS address to point to their servers. That’s it. Super simple, and it works on any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to set up. We added it to our Apple TV and the US version of Netflix started streaming right away. It was quick and, even better, no more subtitles! Adding it to our iPads and laptops was just as easy.

While we love to find free services, we’ll gladly pay when the value can’t be beat and luckily Unotelly is only $3.99/month and works on all your devices. They also offer an 8-day free trial to check it out.

We’ve been incredibly happy with the service and have been enjoying watching House of Cards and all the other great shows available. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Unlocked iPhone 5 Now On Sale – Nano SIM Available in Argentina

Apple has just started selling the unlocked iPhone 5 in the United States, so while you can’t get one in Argentina, you can be sure that they’ll start showing up for sale at double the price in the expat forums and on MercadoLibre.

For those of you going to the US, you can pick yours up at the following prices:

  • 16GB, $649
  • 32GB, $749
  • 64GB, $849

There is currently a one week lead time to get them from Apple’s website and they are not yet available to purchase in Apple’s retail stores, but that should change soon.

Of course, to use the iPhone 5 in Argentina you’ll need the new nano SIM card, and luckily Movistar is now selling these for $27 pesos. (Knowing that people are going to bring them back from their trips to the US.) You can buy the nano SIM at the following locations: Callao , República, Belgrano, Caballito, Palermo, Medrano, Avellaneda, Berazategui, Lanús, Lomas, Monte Grande, Quilmes, Florencio Varela, Berisso, La Plata, José C. Paz, San Isidro, San Miguel, Zárate, González Catán, Laferrere, Merlo, Moreno, Morón, Ramos Mejía. I would assume that other carriers also have the nano SIM available as well.

Now to only figure out when I’m going back and can get one…


Get Rid of Google Argentina

Not interested in using Google Argentina for your searches? Or getting tired that your search results keep switching to Spanish? Here’s a great tip…

Simply go to

That /ncr on the end stand for “no country redirect” and will send you back to the mail home page. It will also be saved in your browser the next time you go to Google.

You may have to go back to this link if something happens to your browser cookies and you start getting Google Argentina again. This is a tip I end up using all the time, so hopefully it helps you too.


Free 1-Year SiriusXM Internet Radio Trial

UPDATE: Looks like the 1-year deal is now dead. You should be able to get 6-months free with this link.

SiriusXM is offering a free 1-year trial of Sirius XM Radio when you enter promo code CHEVY1YR. And the best part is that it does not seem to be geographically restricted, which means it works great in Argentina.

Simply enter a US zip code when signing up (90210?) and you’ll be emailed a username and password to access the service. (Please note that you cannot change the assigned password.) Then, sign in and start listening away.

The also have iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps and you can always connect that to your car stereo and have SiriusXM in your car too.

So, now you can get your music, Howard Stern, news, comedy and more. Unfortunately, the sports radio packages do not seem to be included in this offer, but what do you expect for free?