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My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Had my second meal at Soberbia 22 in Buenos Aires & I have to say I’m not impressed. Nice place, but there are much better parillas here. #
  • Took awhile. but the new Crystal Method album, ‘Divided by Night,’ is growing on me. Also liking ‘Empire of the Sun.’ Both electronica. #fb #
  • Depeche Mode Buenos Aires tickets are supposedly on sale tomorrow, not that Ticketek would bother to update that info on their site. #fb #
  • Good article: American taste for soft toilet paper ‘worse than driving Hummers’ for the environment. http://bit.ly/zLVNZ #fb #
  • Running around Buenos Aires checking out Forcadell development projects. Beautiful new condo development in San Isidro. $3000 per sq meter. #
  • Why hadn’t I heard about http://www.magicjack.com before? $40 gets you 1 yr free calls, a USB device & ease of use. $50 for 5 years. #fb #
  • Not a huge Green Day fan, but I’m really liking the new album, ’21st Century Breakdown.’ #fb #
  • Tickets for Depeche Mode in Buenos Aires go on public sale May 30! Ticketek finally updated the info on their site. #fb #buenosaires #
  • Really good bife de ojo at Las Nazarenas in Buenos Aires last night. Going to have to compare it to Cabaña Las Lilas tonight & rate them. #
  • Steak at Cabaña Las Lilas last night was great. Had to send 2 back that were tough, but they took care of it. #

My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-16

  • All you can eat at Rodizio Parilla in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires is not always as good an idea as it sounds. Ughh! Still stuffed. Was good. #
  • Just watched the amazing season finale of Scrubs. Definitely one of the best shows on TV. #fb #
  • I’d really like to switch to Google Chrome, but they don’t support Firefox add-ons & don’t even support the Google Toolbar w/ all my links! #
  • Anyone interested in renting a ski house in Bariloche, Argentina for June – August or just coming for a few weekends? Contact me. #fb #BsAs #
  • Strange move: NY Times takes over IHT.com & deletes old site. No links work anymore. Many wikipedia references. Bad SEO. http://bit.ly/RDCAk #
  • The new Star Trek: a bit cheesy in parts, but overall one of the best movies yet. Great special effects! #startrek #fb #
  • Probably not going. Very tired today. #
  • For the amount of beef they eat in Buenos Aires, I find it surprising that almost no one wears leather jackets on the streets here. #fb #
  • Big changes at Craigslist as they remove erotic services section & monitor adult services posts after Boston murder. http://bit.ly/UcCGP #
  • Cool. My first power outage in Buenos Aires! Moving around by the light of the laptop. Who needs candles? Going on 2 hours now. #fb #
  • Buy.com cancels my order because the IP address is foreign. Of course it is, I’m in Argentina! Ordered 100s of times before & all info right #
  • Had a great Peruvian meal at Pozo Santo in Buenos Aires last night. Great ceviche! Good design. Never a crowd for some reason. #
  • Seems like Gmail is down? Google Apps down too. #gmail #fail #gmailfail #
  • Ok, Gmail is back now. Whew. #
  • Amazing dinner at Sucre tonight. Ojo de cerdo for all of us was so good. Shrimp and tuna appetizers were great too. #buenosaires #

My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Went to the opening of Cocina Sunae last night in Buenos Aires. An amazing pan-asian closed door restaurant. Info at http://bit.ly/CnAwl #
  • http://www.whatthetrend.com shows you what topics are trending higher on Twitter & actually explains why. Very useful! #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/buenosaires to join #
  • Made another trip to Green Bamboo restaurant last night & had amazing Indian at Tandoor on Saturday. Finding some great new places in BsAs! #
  • Interesting article on why text messages are limited to 160 characters from the Los Angeles Times. http://bit.ly/m2xSG #
  • Really liking the new album “Approaching Normal” from Blue October. I have to go download their other album now. #fb #
  • Cool! dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack displays a mobile-friendly version of your blog when it detects a mobile browser. http://bit.ly/gQixG #
  • http://pic.gd/bc8b3b IMG00110.jpg #
  • Gonna have to head to Tandoor for some great Indian food again tonight. The only spicy food in Buenos Aires! #fb #
  • Conocé la historia del @tachero honesto. Entrá, dejale tu apoyo y doná algo para recompensarlo. http://www.devolvelelaguitaaltaxista.com #

My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-02

  • Wacky site: http://isthisyourluggage.com – Guy buys lost airline luggage at auction, takes out contents & photographs it for this site. #
  • 9 Free MP3 Audiobook Downloads from B&N: Kurt Vonnegut, Mark Twain, Jonathan Lethem & more. http://bit.ly/PhHsa #
  • Weirdest band collaboration: Tinted Windows. Guy from Hanson, Smashing Pumpkins, Fountains of Wayne & Cheap Trick. Still deciding about it. #
  • Sunday, a good day for new music downloads. Checking out new albums from Camera Obscura, Empire of the Sun, It Hugs Back, & Bat for Lashes. #
  • Looking forward to this movie! James Cameron’s new 3D file Avatar has fans going crazy & may revolutionize film making. http://bit.ly/uWU0q #
  • Evernote is an amazing tool. Shared notebooks across Mac, PC, mobile, Twitter, etc. Easy web clipping & more.http://bit.ly/yRx77 #
  • RT @Twitter_Tips Is there anything NOT on Twitter? @DivineMK is a UK Brothel: http://cli.gs/VHu9pJ Offering coupons on Twitter too! LOL. #
  • Testing out http://tweetface.net – a better way to update your Facebook status from Twitter. Ignores @ replies, converts usernames & more. #
  • Why is Facebook in Spanish today even though my language preference is English? Seems like they have some problem. #facebook #
  • Had an amazing meal at Francesco (Cocina Peruana) in Buenos Aires last night. Amazing black risotto w/ grilled squid. http://bit.ly/yT9YQ #
  • I could handle @oprah on Twitter, but now @akgovsarahpalin? That might be too much, but maybe it will provide some humor. #
  • RT @buenosaireslife Depeche Mode in Buenos Aires, Oct 10. Tickets on sale May 19. Check out @depechemode. http://bit.ly/3jwO0 #buenosaires #
  • Managed to get tickets to The Kooks in Buenos Aires before they sold out 2 shows in a day! Maybe that means more alt rock concerts here! #