My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-18

Twitter Buenos AiresSince I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter recently, I decided to post a weekly summary of my tweets to my Discover Buenos Aires blog as well. (Ok, I’m not actually posting these all. I’m using the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress to do it.)  Don’t worry though, I’m still going to be adding new blog posts as well and I’m hoping to start posting on a much more regular basis now too.  These are just some of my more random thoughts and a lot are related to Buenos Aires as well.

Tweets for the Week

  • “Some pick Argentina as haven from economic blues” – Reuters. With quotes from @withersdavis #buenosaires #
  • [Blog] Dengue Fever Now in Buenos Aires Proper: The U.S. Embassy has just issued a follow-up alert to their previous… #
  • RT @buenosaireslife BLOGS: Tourism in Argentina Plummets 22% In February. Marks 5th consecutive annual decline. #bsas #
  • The Tweetmeme Button is an cool way to add a re-tweet button to your blog posts & they have a WordPress plugin. #
  • Want to improve your Bit Torrent download speeds & still be able to web surf? Download half-open limit fix for Windows. #
  • I have to admit I was up til 3am watching @aplusk beat @cnnbrk to a million followers. Live streaming on was cool. #jumptheshark #
  • Still kicking myself for not having switched to #Firefox earlier. Add-ons are amazing: Better Gmail/GReader/YouTube, AdBlock Plus, NoScript. #
  • Selling my white Flip Mino video camera in Buenos Aires. Works well, I just never use it. Send me a DM if interested. #
  • Share contacts via mobile, but rather than just an e-business card, it automatically connects your social networks too #
  • RT @hootsuite The Mikeyy worm is back. To protect yourself, don’t visit anyone’s profile pg. See #
  • When did Twitter add a RT button? Long overdue. Now I can stop copying & pasting. #
  • Watch the Coachella Festival live. Amazing quality! Morrissey & Paul McCartney tonight. Killers, Sat. Cure, Sun. #
  • RT @ATTmusic Coachella VIP bursting at the seams watching Morrissey. #