My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-16

  • All you can eat at Rodizio Parilla in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires is not always as good an idea as it sounds. Ughh! Still stuffed. Was good. #
  • Just watched the amazing season finale of Scrubs. Definitely one of the best shows on TV. #fb #
  • I’d really like to switch to Google Chrome, but they don’t support Firefox add-ons & don’t even support the Google Toolbar w/ all my links! #
  • Anyone interested in renting a ski house in Bariloche, Argentina for June – August or just coming for a few weekends? Contact me. #fb #BsAs #
  • Strange move: NY Times takes over & deletes old site. No links work anymore. Many wikipedia references. Bad SEO. #
  • The new Star Trek: a bit cheesy in parts, but overall one of the best movies yet. Great special effects! #startrek #fb #
  • Probably not going. Very tired today. #
  • For the amount of beef they eat in Buenos Aires, I find it surprising that almost no one wears leather jackets on the streets here. #fb #
  • Big changes at Craigslist as they remove erotic services section & monitor adult services posts after Boston murder. #
  • Cool. My first power outage in Buenos Aires! Moving around by the light of the laptop. Who needs candles? Going on 2 hours now. #fb #
  • cancels my order because the IP address is foreign. Of course it is, I’m in Argentina! Ordered 100s of times before & all info right #
  • Had a great Peruvian meal at Pozo Santo in Buenos Aires last night. Great ceviche! Good design. Never a crowd for some reason. #
  • Seems like Gmail is down? Google Apps down too. #gmail #fail #gmailfail #
  • Ok, Gmail is back now. Whew. #
  • Amazing dinner at Sucre tonight. Ojo de cerdo for all of us was so good. Shrimp and tuna appetizers were great too. #buenosaires #