My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Had my second meal at Soberbia 22 in Buenos Aires & I have to say I’m not impressed. Nice place, but there are much better parillas here. #
  • Took awhile. but the new Crystal Method album, ‘Divided by Night,’ is growing on me. Also liking ‘Empire of the Sun.’ Both electronica. #fb #
  • Depeche Mode Buenos Aires tickets are supposedly on sale tomorrow, not that Ticketek would bother to update that info on their site. #fb #
  • Good article: American taste for soft toilet paper ‘worse than driving Hummers’ for the environment. #fb #
  • Running around Buenos Aires checking out Forcadell development projects. Beautiful new condo development in San Isidro. $3000 per sq meter. #
  • Why hadn’t I heard about before? $40 gets you 1 yr free calls, a USB device & ease of use. $50 for 5 years. #fb #
  • Not a huge Green Day fan, but I’m really liking the new album, ’21st Century Breakdown.’ #fb #
  • Tickets for Depeche Mode in Buenos Aires go on public sale May 30! Ticketek finally updated the info on their site. #fb #buenosaires #
  • Really good bife de ojo at Las Nazarenas in Buenos Aires last night. Going to have to compare it to Cabaña Las Lilas tonight & rate them. #
  • Steak at Cabaña Las Lilas last night was great. Had to send 2 back that were tough, but they took care of it. #