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The Phantom Parking Spot

No, not this phantom.

No, not this phantom.

So, my building has something new – a phantom parking spot.

That’s right, we have a parking spot in our garage that is not assigned to anyone in the building. It’s purpose? I’m glad that you asked.

This spot is reserved for when you might have a carjacker, kidnapper, murderer, rapist, etc. in the back of your car who has forced you to drive home and plans to do something nefarious to you once they have forced you to take them into your apartment.

Well, the joke will be on them when you park your car in the phantom parking spot. Building security will immediately be alerted that something is wrong – since no one is ever supposed to park here – and they will call the police right away.

While at first it seems like a clever idea, the fact that they thought they had to implement this is a bit scary. I guess better safe than sorry…


Random Observations: Week 3

Another week, another round of random observations.

Random Observations: Week 3

  • You need a key to get into any building (apartment or office) that does not have a doorman. Fine.  You also need a key to leave the building. This means that you have to buzz in and buzz out or in my case, keep my keys out whenever I leave the apartment building to unlock the lobby door. I understand this is for security, but it’s annoying. They couldn’t make it only require a key to get in?
  • The bus routes here seem incredibly complex and they’re usually very crowded. Plus, these buses must be the single biggest cause of pollution in this city. Ok, maybe the cars, but the buses here are mostly older and belch black smoke out all the time.
  • Everyone who has met more than once, kisses each other on the cheek when saying goodbye. I mean everyone: women kiss men, men kiss women, women kiss women, men kiss men. I had my first kiss on the cheek from a man this week, and I have to say it takes some getting used to…
  • New York does not deserve the slogan “The city that never sleeps.” Try going out to dinner in BsAs at 11pm on a Saturday night and getting a table without a reservation. It’s not going to happen. I just finished dinner at 1:15am after waiting 15-20 minutes for a table at a “less busy” restaurant.
  • No one has a sense of urgency here. Things get done when they get done. Our Internet connection has had problems for two weeks, and when you call they simply say “We know” and hang up. This attitude carries over to everything. It may mean a less stressful lifestyle, but when you’re the one waiitng for something to get done, it definitely takes some getting used to.