Buenos Aires News: Edition 7

25% Increase in Subway, Bus and Train Fares (english) [La Nacion] Bus and subway fares will rise from $0.90 to $1.10 and train fares will rise by about 25% across the board.  The governemt is hoping to save $800 million on subsidies that it provides. Fares may be increased as soon as this Saturday. Honda … Read more

Random Observations: Week 3

Another week, another round of random observations. Random Observations: Week 3 You need a key to get into any building (apartment or office) that does not have a doorman. Fine.  You also need a key to leave the building. This means that you have to buzz in and buzz out or in my case, keep … Read more

I Made It (Eventually)

After nearly 24 hours of traveling, I made it to the temporary condo in Buenos Aires yesterday.  I left for the 4:30pm flight out of JFK at around noon on Tuesday making sure to give myself enough time to check the extra luggage and make sure I got through security with a carry-on full of … Read more