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Buenos Aires News: Edition 7

Buenos Aires News25% Increase in Subway, Bus and Train Fares (english) [La Nacion]
Bus and subway fares will rise from $0.90 to $1.10 and train fares will rise by about 25% across the board.  The governemt is hoping to save $800 million on subsidies that it provides. Fares may be increased as soon as this Saturday.

Honda Delays Start-Up Of Argentine Car Plant [Wall Street Journal]
Honda Motor Co. said it will put off opening a $100 million car plant in Argentina by about six months, adding its name to the growing number of Japanese auto makers lining up production and job cuts amid falling demand. While Honda had planned to start production at the factory located in the province of Buenos Aires in the second half of this year, it now aims to open it in mid-2010, said a company spokeswoman.

Despite slowdown, polo is big business in Argentina [Reuters]
Polo tourism in Argentina is up and multi-million dollar polo complexes are under development despite the rest of the world’s financial woes.

Argentina Is Short of Cash – Literally [Wall Street Journal]
Another article on the coin shortage in Argentina and a possible, though not likely, solutuion.

Call it CSI: Cows [LA Times]
Cattle-rustling is an age-old problem on Argentina’s legendary Pampas plains, but genetic testing is helping police crack down on thieves. Plans are underway to expand a pioneering database of genetic samples from 10,000 cattle that has helped police solve 270 cases of cattle-rustling since it was established in Buenos Aires province seven years ago.

Teenage model once rummaged through bins for food [Telegraph]
Daniela Cott, 16, is tipped for superstardom after being signed up by the world´s biggest modelling agency Elite.  Daniela, who stands 5ft 10ins tall and has emerald green eyes, was spotted two years ago as she sifted through rubbish on the streets of Buenos Aires.  Last year Daniela beat 1,000 other hopefuls to win Argentina´s Elite Model Look final.

At least 2 die during climb on Argentine peak [Sioux City Journal]
An Italian climber and an Argentine guide both died when a storm trapped five mountaineers just below the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas. Three other climberss survived.

Argentine Corn, Soybeans Reduced by Hot, Dry Weather [Bloomberg]
A hot, dry spell in Argentina has damaged corn crops and delayed farmers’ plans to sow soybeans, lowering potential yields. Corn was damaged this week when temperatures soared to more than 93 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels plunged.


Random Observations: Week 3

Another week, another round of random observations.

Random Observations: Week 3

  • You need a key to get into any building (apartment or office) that does not have a doorman. Fine.  You also need a key to leave the building. This means that you have to buzz in and buzz out or in my case, keep my keys out whenever I leave the apartment building to unlock the lobby door. I understand this is for security, but it’s annoying. They couldn’t make it only require a key to get in?
  • The bus routes here seem incredibly complex and they’re usually very crowded. Plus, these buses must be the single biggest cause of pollution in this city. Ok, maybe the cars, but the buses here are mostly older and belch black smoke out all the time.
  • Everyone who has met more than once, kisses each other on the cheek when saying goodbye. I mean everyone: women kiss men, men kiss women, women kiss women, men kiss men. I had my first kiss on the cheek from a man this week, and I have to say it takes some getting used to…
  • New York does not deserve the slogan “The city that never sleeps.” Try going out to dinner in BsAs at 11pm on a Saturday night and getting a table without a reservation. It’s not going to happen. I just finished dinner at 1:15am after waiting 15-20 minutes for a table at a “less busy” restaurant.
  • No one has a sense of urgency here. Things get done when they get done. Our Internet connection has had problems for two weeks, and when you call they simply say “We know” and hang up. This attitude carries over to everything. It may mean a less stressful lifestyle, but when you’re the one waiitng for something to get done, it definitely takes some getting used to.

I Made It (Eventually)

After nearly 24 hours of traveling, I made it to the temporary condo in Buenos Aires yesterday.  I left for the 4:30pm flight out of JFK at around noon on Tuesday making sure to give myself enough time to check the extra luggage and make sure I got through security with a carry-on full of electronics and Delilah. By 1:30pm, I was already at the gate! There was no traffic, no lines, and no issues.  I boarded the plane on time and started to taxi for takeoff. Ahhh…I’m on my way…I’ll have no problem with the hour and a half layover in Atlanta to catch our connecting flight to BsAs.

Four hours later and I’m still sitting on the tarmac at JFK. The Atlanta airport had closed because of storms and we were waiting for it to re-open. Ughh. Delilah had been very well behaved on her first flight, but was growing restless. The lunch we had that was supposed to take us through dinner was long gone. They did offer us free headsets and a free movie – Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey. Ughh, again. I was pretty sure I was going to miss the connection and end up spending the night in Atlanta.

Luckily, the weather cleared and we finally took off. Since the problems were in Atlanta it turned out that all the flights were delayed! The flight to BsAs didn’t leave until 11:15pm, so I made it with time to spare. I arrived in BsAs only about 3 hours later than scheduled and caught a private bus (only U$55) that I had reserved to the apartment. I had so many bags I needed a bus since their taxis are pretty small.

I pretty much collapsed when I got in, but I made it safe and sound with Delilah and all the bags. I’ve had a bunch of other excitement already, but that will have to wait for another day…