The Phantom Parking Spot

No, not this phantom.
No, not this phantom.

So, my building has something new – a phantom parking spot.

That’s right, we have a parking spot in our garage that is not assigned to anyone in the building. It’s purpose? I’m glad that you asked.

This spot is reserved for when you might have a carjacker, kidnapper, murderer, rapist, etc. in the back of your car who has forced you to drive home and plans to do something nefarious to you once they have forced you to take them into your apartment.

Well, the joke will be on them when you park your car in the phantom parking spot. Building security will immediately be alerted that something is wrong – since no one is ever supposed to park here – and they will call the police right away.

While at first it seems like a clever idea, the fact that they thought they had to implement this is a bit scary. I guess better safe than sorry…