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The Phantom Parking Spot

No, not this phantom.

No, not this phantom.

So, my building has something new – a phantom parking spot.

That’s right, we have a parking spot in our garage that is not assigned to anyone in the building. It’s purpose? I’m glad that you asked.

This spot is reserved for when you might have a carjacker, kidnapper, murderer, rapist, etc. in the back of your car who has forced you to drive home and plans to do something nefarious to you once they have forced you to take them into your apartment.

Well, the joke will be on them when you park your car in the phantom parking spot. Building security will immediately be alerted that something is wrong – since no one is ever supposed to park here – and they will call the police right away.

While at first it seems like a clever idea, the fact that they thought they had to implement this is a bit scary. I guess better safe than sorry…


Guess someone wanted his tire really badly…

Saw this while walking in Palermo the other day:

I guess this is a pretty valuable wheel or someone just wanted it really, really badly.  Seriously though, this was a busy street and someone managed to jack up the car, steal the wheel, remove the jack and take off.  They did leave the lug nuts laying all over the street though so at least the guy can use his spare tire.

The topic of crime in Buenos Aires deserves its own post, which I hope to get to one day…


Grand Theft Auto Buenos Aires

I’m not quite sure where this video came from, but it seems to have been making the rounds on a number of video sharing sites.  It shows a pretty brazen daytime car theft on the streets of Buenos Aires.  Looks like a pretty good technique though I have no idea why they are stealing that car. It looks like it could barely run.

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