It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Many an expat’s lament about living in Argentina is missing the things from home. One of the things at the top of that list for American expats has been peanut butter. Check any expat forum or blog and you’ll undoubtedly see someone complaining about the lack of peanut butter in Argentina. Well, tell them to … Read more

The New BK Stacker Quintuple Hits Buenos Aires

Were four meat patties with 1,000 calories, 68g of fat (30g of that saturated) and 1800mg of sodium not enough for you? Or, were you upset that the you could only get three meat patties from your U.S. Burger King after they took the BK Stacker Quad off the menu? Well, fear not, because BK … Read more

Buenos Aires Restaurant Delivery

New to Buenos Aires and don’t speak much/any Spanish?  Want to order delivery but feeling a bit afraid of having a phone conversation?  Well, Buenos Aires Delivery can help you with that. The recently launched web site provides restaurant menus for over 80 Buenos Aires restaurants in 20 different neighborhoods, with additional restaurants being added … Read more

Korean Barbecue in Buenos Aires – Who Knew?

Almost everyone knows about Buenos Aires’ Chinatown (check out Palitos for some of the best Chinese food in Buenos Aires), but do you know that Buenos Aires also has a Koreatown? Smaller than its Chinatown counterpart, Koreatown is further off the beaten path and less well known.  From Wikipedia: Buenos Aires’s ‘Barrio Coreano’ is in … Read more

June 1, 2010: D-Day for Imported Foods in Argentina

According to a verbal decree issued  on May 6, 2010  by Argentina’s interior secretary, Guillermo Moreno, today was to be the day that Argentina banned the import of foreign food products that had a domestic equivalent. This was another ill-thought-out plan by the government without any written guidelines regulating what would or would not be … Read more

Argentinean Beef

A lot of people back home have been asking me about Argentine beef: Is the beef really that cheap? Is the beef really that good? Do they eat a lot of beef? The answer to all these questions is, “Yes.” Beef is definitely one of the staple foods here.  I have been extremely pleased with … Read more