The New BK Stacker Quintuple Hits Buenos Aires

Were four meat patties with 1,000 calories, 68g of fat (30g of that saturated) and 1800mg of sodium not enough for you?

Or, were you upset that the you could only get three meat patties from your U.S. Burger King after they took the BK Stacker Quad off the menu?

Well, fear not, because BK Argentina has just added the BK Stacker Quintuple to their Buenos Aires’ restaurants menus.

Not fearing the same health-related backlash that BK experienced when they launched their quad stacker sandwich in the U.S. (they have had a quad stacker on the menu here for some time), they decided that people want more meat and cheese and four patties was just not cutting it.

This five meat patty monstrosity includes two buns, five slices of cheese, lots of bacon and Stacker sauce. They left off the lettuce, tomato and onion because as Denny Marie Post, Burger King’s chief concept officer, put it for their previous U.S. launch, “We’re satisfying the serious meat lovers by leaving off the produce and letting them decide exactly how much meat and cheese they can handle.” Also noticeably¬†absent from the ads or BK’s Argentine website are any nutritional information. We’ll assume they left that off because they don’t want “serious meat lovers” to have to worry about all those details.

Is it any wonder that obesity in Argentina is becoming such a problem and restaurants have removed salt shakers from tables? Plus, in this land of great meat, who goes to Burger King anyhow? (I know, I know…they’re always full of people. I still have yet to figure out why.)