Great Deal: Fly to Buenos Aires for $887 coach, $1478 for business

US Airways is currently offering a 100% mileage bonus on any purchased miles.

This means that when you buy 30,000 miles for $887, they give you another 30,000 miles – enough for a coach ticket to Buenos Aires. When you buy 50,000 miles for $1478, you end up with 100,000 miles – enough for a business class ticket to Buenos Aires. (Check out their awards chart here.) The business class ticket in particular is an amazing deal given that business fares are upwards of $2800, and most coach fares cost almost this much.

Since US Airways is a Star Alliance member, you can also fly Continental, United, Air Canada and a number of other carriers. Of course, you don’t have to fly to Buenos Aires to take advantage of this deal either. The Points Guy points out that you can fly off-peak to Europe for only 60,000 miles in business class. He also notes all the other advantages and tricks to finding and booking flights, so be sure to check out his blog post for more details.

This offer expires on June 30, 2011, and you must have been a Dividend Miles member for 12 days in order to purchase miles, so you’d better create one right away if you do not have one. It also helps to have a flexible schedule in order to find the lowest mileage days.

– Thanks to The Points Guy for this deal. Be sure to subscribe to his blog for lots of tips and ways to earn travel points.